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School Endings & Cosplay

I've graduated! I have a lovely BA in History with a Management minor now. I have yet to see my official diploma (I should probably look into how to get it... something about turning in my graduation gown? But I bought that thing...!) but I'm sure it's gorgeous! The ceremony was decent enough, nothing too amazing! Finished off the ceremony at school with ice cream and molesting a statue during picture time... XD;

Speaking of pictures and molestation (lol, what) I've been working on a cosplay for AX. Not only that, I've dragged in two of my friends (who don't know anything about Hetalia except that it personifies countries) to cosplay with me as the Bad Friends Trio. I'll be Prussia, Friend Kay will be Spain, and Friend Dee will be France. XD (Friend's names censored, of course)

Basically me rambling off what I have and what I need to do. If you have any suggestions on fabrics or styling tips, I'll happily accept them~

The pants were finished about a week ago, made out of cotton bed sheets. XD They look good besides the fact that they are a bit sheer since they are an off-white color. In addition, I volunteered to make all three costumes. I'm a goner!

I finished cutting out out Prussia's jacket today. A dark blue satin material which looks quite thick and doesn't wrinkle (easily)--my two requirements when shopping for fabric. If I'm putting in effort into this, it's going to look awesome, damn it! The jacket collar will be lined in red and the lining of the whole jacket will be in gold. As the jacket will be worn closed, the bottom edges will either be pulled back to show off the pants or just cut back, but I will have to wait and see until after it's sewn. This is also an example of artistic creativity: combining the traditional uniform (as seen on Old Fritz's statue) with Himaruya's art.

I also have a high collar white shirt (purchased) and plans to make the tan-ish vest to go underneath as well as make the bicorn/tricorn mutant that Prussia wears. I still also need to buy a silk/lacy neck wrap for the front and buy fabric for knee-high boot tops. I also need to find a good fabric for the red cape. The white wig has also been purchased (but being shipped.) orz So much to do...

For France: A light blue jacket with golden/white trimming, the off-white colored pants, knee high boot (covers), and perhaps a red waistband to set apart the pants and the white collared shirt (purchased). The white shirt will be accented with white lacy stuff in front unless I get another idea. Will also have a loose bow around the neck. Friend Dee already has the proper hair (although she may have to cut it~) so no wig needed. May or may not also have a bicorn/tricorn. XD

For Spain: A dark Red/Crimson jacket with golden/black trimming. Will also have the off-white pants. I became quite partial to the golden shirt on a lot of the fanart so that's what I picked out in the end for the collared shirt. Will also have knee-high boot (covers), a red ribbon bow around the neck, and the white sash to cover the chest. The chestnut brown wig has also been purchased (but being shipped.)
Oh, in addition: I have no idea how to do his shoulder guards... x.x Hopefully we can think of something plausible...

I did research on France and Spain's uniforms, but didn't find anything substantial to base them off of. France's is often considered to be a "Casanova" style while Spain's uniform appeared to be based off the paintings of either Admiral Rooke or Philip V of Spain.

Anyways... About two weeks left until AX! I'll be working hard~ XD Luckily I have a secret weapon who I owe tons to! Thank you, Secret Weapon! I love you!
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Wow, congratulations! \o/

That sounds like a lot of work ... and in only 2 weeks! o_O Good luck!