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School Endings & Cosplay

June 16th, 2009 (10:49 pm)

I've graduated! I have a lovely BA in History with a Management minor now. I have yet to see my official diploma (I should probably look into how to get it... something about turning in my graduation gown? But I bought that thing...!) but I'm sure it's gorgeous! The ceremony was decent enough, nothing too amazing! Finished off the ceremony at school with ice cream and molesting a statue during picture time... XD;

Speaking of pictures and molestation (lol, what) I've been working on a cosplay for AX. Not only that, I've dragged in two of my friends (who don't know anything about Hetalia except that it personifies countries) to cosplay with me as the Bad Friends Trio. I'll be Prussia, Friend Kay will be Spain, and Friend Dee will be France. XD (Friend's names censored, of course)

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