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AX Eve

July 2nd, 2009 (12:41 am)

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Victory is mine!

Three sets of lovely cosplays all ready for Friday/Saturday and maybe Sunday. Well, Spain's shoulder armors need to be attached and I still need to cut France's waistband, but beside that, it's done! My fingers are still sticky from gluing the gold band and red flower to my hat (the only thing on the entire outfit that's glued!) Hopefully it'll look better when it dries. I'm looking at it across the room and it looks pretty good from a distance, at least. :3

First day of AX is... in a few hours. Need sleep! I'm taking the metro with my sis, [personal profile] kylara. The metro sucks but I'll grit my teeth and bear it. ;o; Luckily Friend Kay or Dee will drive the other days. >D Especially since I was tricked into driving Friend Kay and Ell to the Reagan Library a couple weeks ago!

And the un-official Hetalia gathering is Friday afternoon...! I hope more people plan to show up than what's listed. 8D

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"A little more upscale plz"

June 19th, 2009 (01:35 am)

Finally met up with my best friends again since school "ended"--I still have summer school on Mon/Wed--and they were finally back in town. As a reunion, we did our favorite thing: go out to eat.

And so the adventure began~!

German Food, ahoy! )

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School Endings & Cosplay

June 16th, 2009 (10:49 pm)

I've graduated! I have a lovely BA in History with a Management minor now. I have yet to see my official diploma (I should probably look into how to get it... something about turning in my graduation gown? But I bought that thing...!) but I'm sure it's gorgeous! The ceremony was decent enough, nothing too amazing! Finished off the ceremony at school with ice cream and molesting a statue during picture time... XD;

Speaking of pictures and molestation (lol, what) I've been working on a cosplay for AX. Not only that, I've dragged in two of my friends (who don't know anything about Hetalia except that it personifies countries) to cosplay with me as the Bad Friends Trio. I'll be Prussia, Friend Kay will be Spain, and Friend Dee will be France. XD (Friend's names censored, of course)

悪友トリオになるために )

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[Scanlation] Aimai na Kyoukaisen (Doujinshi)

June 7th, 2009 (05:10 pm)

My first Hetalia doujinshi translation/scanlation~! I'm quite excited!

Title:  あいまいな境界線, Aimai na Kyoukaisen, Ambiguous Borderlines
Circle: 隔離場 Kakuriba
Doujinka: ユキナ Yukina
Pages: 30
Focus: Russia, Russia + Belarus, Russia + China.
Warnings: None.

( Click me! ) )

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Tests and Earthquakes

May 17th, 2009 (08:53 pm)

*Crawls from the depth of... somewhere dark and depressing* Freeeedom! School stuff finally feels to be winding down even though week 8 starts on Monday.

Took Subtests II and III of the CSET on Saturday. Been cramming all week. Had to wake up at 5:45am, left the house by 6:20, arrived by 6:50... Test was supposed to start at 7:15 but they weren't even ready for us until past 7:30. Not cool! And then I went to a skating rink and a Belgium pub. Ah, if I hadn't needed to drive back to my Mom's house (cause she was in SD and the cat needed pampering.) I would have drunk something. They had a very extensive beer and wine list! Even though I have yet to taste a beer I like.

But in bigger news:

8:39pm, 4.7 Earthquake hits practically right next door. Lasted 10-15 second. Was freaking scary! A few seconds before it hit it felt like a helicopter or something was landing on top of the house and then everything started shaking. A several things from on top of the fireplace fell. The large portrait above the fireplace fell on top of my laptop!! What are the odds? But my laptop is a survivor and came out unscathed--the portrait glass shattered a bit. Besides that, wasn't too eventful, just terribly unexpected. The cat seemed to sense something though |: Traitor. I still remember the 1994 earthquake from when I was a kid--now that was terrifying!

Edit: Lol, it's now being reported as 5.0 magnitude. ^^;
Edit Edit: It's now 4.7 again... Swt. XD

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Your mission...

May 7th, 2009 (09:28 pm)

...destroy the world!

Pandemic II

It's a game where you are a virus, bacteria, or parasite (your pick) and you try to kill the world's population. Swine or avian flu, anyone? Your virus, bacteria, or parasite starts in a randomly picked country.

My best so far was managing to wipe out the entire Old World (Minus Madagascar... damn you, Madagascar!) and the USA (Nuu!) with a virus named Nancy. XD I only got that far because it started in Russia who has borders with a ton of other countries. I only lost cause everyone died before it could spread anymore. Canada was really quick to close its borders and Mexico followed suit. ); It's entertaining and depressing at the same time as countries try to save everyone by passing out water bottles and masks. ;o; Too bad I play to win...

Play it and tell me how it goes~! XD

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Let's Play the Not Study Game! (And Read Smut Instead!)

May 5th, 2009 (10:49 pm)
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So instead of studying for my Education Psychology midterm last night, I took a trip over to hetalia-kink over on lj. And... damn, people get really creative! XD It's a shame that some people are anon though, since I wouldn't mind seeing what else they have written. o; Some of the stuff isn't that horrible that it needs to be anonymous but... yeah, some of it was. XD And I loved it /perv


Ok, I admit it, I studied for the midterm this morning. T_T Woke up at 7am and got out of bed by 8am! The test didn't feel so bad, but we'll see. I was getting really into writing one of the short answer essays (was turning it more into an essay) that I had 15 minutes to write two more... XD Was funny to see them get progressively shorter as time ran out. (Note: There was also 30 multiple choice questions...! I'm not that bad at time management.)

And my guy friend who bought me a Hetalia yaoi doujinshi (which has arrived but is at his house 30 min away)... I was looking at the sale page and noticed that it's soft yaoi. We were joking about him buying me porn, so I wonder if he'll be disappointed? ^^; Having a guy I'm not dating buying me something porn-related is just as awkward though...! Ahh, I'm such a prude sometimes! But I did crumble like a stack of cards when he offered to buy it. I was thinking of offering to send him some doujin yaoi on my computer but... I don't think he swings that way. XD;;

He had also purchased a random Hetalia One Grand Figure hoping to get North Italy (Cause hearing "PASTAAA!" cracks him up) but he got Russia instead. >: North Italy seems to be in high demand. If any of you see the N. Italy figure being sold for a reasonable price, please let me know!

I'm glad I purchased the whole box, though~ (Where art thou, post man!)

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It might be a good idea to start using those power drinks right about now

May 1st, 2009 (01:24 am)

Open beta! Yay! Let the games begin!
And I am not a special snowflake for having an account anymore...!
I'm kind of sad because that means I lost my access to all the icons I meticulously uploaded. Guess that means I'll have to pay for an account since I love icons. That is such a feeble reason but I'm a simple person. XD

In other news, it's 1:30 in the morning, my paper is only about half done, and it's due before noon... I'm screwed!! I'm usually really good at pumping out essays but this one doesn't want to be written, I guess. Not that the topic isn't interesting: ways social identities and social hierarchies changed between the decades of Spanish, Mexican, and U.S. rules in California due to the issues of sexuality, race, and gender. Basically the Spanish subdued the Indians by using missions, then Mexican CA was a bit crazy and promiscuous with strict social hierarchies, and then U.S. CA began its life with the Gold Rush (with drastic male to female ratios) and later attempts to whitewash everything. Yeah, good times... Haha.

It's weird to say I miss my Senior level history classes. One was on Monarchies and the other being the Vietnam War. I wrote my Monarchies paper, which was about 4,500 words (~16 pages) with at least 8 sources (full length research texts!), in about 2 nights and got an A. The entire quarter was dedicated to that single paper! The topic I picked revolved around the King/Queen and his particular adviser: Queen Elizabeth and Lord Burghley of England in the 16th century, King Wilhelm I and Otto von Bismarck of Prussia during pre- to post- German unification, Kaiser Wilhelm II and Otto von Bismarck vs. Prince Eulenburg of Germany pre WWI, and Emperor Hirohito and Honjo Shigeru of Japan in WW2. Yeah, it was crazy, but a lot more relevant to my interests!

And just to slip it in, I wrote that paper just so I could write about Prussia cause Prussia = Awesome and I never had an excuse before to research it... And this was BEFORE I even heard of Hetalia. XD Kind of funny how that worked out, but that's what won me over to Hetalia: Prussia was not only included but he was awesome! And then everything just fell into place.

Papers are long but Prussia makes them awesome.

Warning! We've hit 1:55am... better stop procrastinating or I'll never go to sleep!

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April 20th, 2009 (05:54 pm)

I discovered that I am too squishy for my (potential) hobbies! What hobbies, you ask? Anything involving fast moving cars on a colliding path of DEATH!

Or, to put it bluntly, I went go-cart racing on Friday and ended up crashing. Three cars ended up crashing in front of me, creating a blockade... and silly me didn't have time to stop so I hit one of them head-on going at least(?) 40 mph. ;o;! It was scary! And it hurt! And my helmet actually FLEW OFF at impact. Thanks, helmet, you traitor! I still had the neck guard, which is what counts.

Turns out being in a go-cart crash and a real car crash hurt the same. My right shoulder has a laceration from the seat belt and somehow my left shoulder has small little bruises. I have a fist sized bruise on my inner left calf, so I can't wear a skirt despite it being 92F... Woe is me! But my Mom is awesome (and a massage therapist) so 92% of the pain was gone by Sunday. X3

I don't think this will deter me from trying to learn how to fly though. They do say flying is safer than driving, after all!

This reminds me that I should probably get back into sailing... I still never learned how to up-right a capsized capri. (I do know how to "rock the boat" though ;) Heh.)

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Raise those pinkies high, ladies and gents!

April 14th, 2009 (12:04 pm)
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Dreamwidth is quite a fancy place! Thanks to the lovely Kylara for inviting me to the party. X3

Hello! I'm Howlet, a 21 year old Taurus living in the beautiful US of A. I'm quite the lurker, but maybe this is my chance to change my evil ways, so here goes nothing! Wish me luck~!

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