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Tests and Earthquakes

May 17th, 2009 (08:53 pm)

*Crawls from the depth of... somewhere dark and depressing* Freeeedom! School stuff finally feels to be winding down even though week 8 starts on Monday.

Took Subtests II and III of the CSET on Saturday. Been cramming all week. Had to wake up at 5:45am, left the house by 6:20, arrived by 6:50... Test was supposed to start at 7:15 but they weren't even ready for us until past 7:30. Not cool! And then I went to a skating rink and a Belgium pub. Ah, if I hadn't needed to drive back to my Mom's house (cause she was in SD and the cat needed pampering.) I would have drunk something. They had a very extensive beer and wine list! Even though I have yet to taste a beer I like.

But in bigger news:

8:39pm, 4.7 Earthquake hits practically right next door. Lasted 10-15 second. Was freaking scary! A few seconds before it hit it felt like a helicopter or something was landing on top of the house and then everything started shaking. A several things from on top of the fireplace fell. The large portrait above the fireplace fell on top of my laptop!! What are the odds? But my laptop is a survivor and came out unscathed--the portrait glass shattered a bit. Besides that, wasn't too eventful, just terribly unexpected. The cat seemed to sense something though |: Traitor. I still remember the 1994 earthquake from when I was a kid--now that was terrifying!

Edit: Lol, it's now being reported as 5.0 magnitude. ^^;
Edit Edit: It's now 4.7 again... Swt. XD

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April 20th, 2009 (05:54 pm)

I discovered that I am too squishy for my (potential) hobbies! What hobbies, you ask? Anything involving fast moving cars on a colliding path of DEATH!

Or, to put it bluntly, I went go-cart racing on Friday and ended up crashing. Three cars ended up crashing in front of me, creating a blockade... and silly me didn't have time to stop so I hit one of them head-on going at least(?) 40 mph. ;o;! It was scary! And it hurt! And my helmet actually FLEW OFF at impact. Thanks, helmet, you traitor! I still had the neck guard, which is what counts.

Turns out being in a go-cart crash and a real car crash hurt the same. My right shoulder has a laceration from the seat belt and somehow my left shoulder has small little bruises. I have a fist sized bruise on my inner left calf, so I can't wear a skirt despite it being 92F... Woe is me! But my Mom is awesome (and a massage therapist) so 92% of the pain was gone by Sunday. X3

I don't think this will deter me from trying to learn how to fly though. They do say flying is safer than driving, after all!

This reminds me that I should probably get back into sailing... I still never learned how to up-right a capsized capri. (I do know how to "rock the boat" though ;) Heh.)

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