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"A little more upscale plz"

Finally met up with my best friends again since school "ended"--I still have summer school on Mon/Wed--and they were finally back in town. As a reunion, we did our favorite thing: go out to eat.

And so the adventure began~!

Being poor, I wanted somewhere cheap. My vote was Taco Bell. XD Friend Kay wanted something more upscale (see subject title~ Heh). I asked Friend Ell who voted Island's, which is our regular haunt. Friend Kay wanted us to get more creative.

So I picked a Swiss/German restaurant in LA. My friends, surprisingly, agreed! We usually go to American, Korean, or Japanese restaurants, so I was quite thrilled that they wanted to try something else. XD Especially since I tend to be a meat and potatoes person.

I picked this particular restaurant because 1) it had good ratings and 2) it had German, Swiss, and Italian food, so I wouldn't have to worry that my friends would starve because I wanted to experiment. The place was pretty small but the woman had a hearty accent, which I loved. XD; Friend Ell had drunk like 8 sodas earlier (...what?!) and so wasn't hungry. Friend Kay had spaghetti with meat sauce, which was freakin' delicious.

I had Rahmschnitzel with Spätzle and... ah! Damn! Where have you been all my life, spätzle? I tried finding a picture of what the total dish looked like (I forgot to take a picture) but I can't find anything that does it justice. What came out of that kitchen was gorgeous and tasted fantastic. It was also a lot of food and I wasn't able to finish it or my black beer. ^^;;

The spätzle looked like:

The image on wiki says it is, in particular, Knöpfle, which comes from Southern Germany and Austria. Looking at online images, spätzle seems to come in both little puff variety (like above) and a noddle variety.

The server (who could pronounce the dish name far worse than I could, lol) recommended pork over chicken for the Rahmschnitzel, so I went with that. It was love. <3 I'm not a fan of mushrooms, though, so I pushed them off. >.>;

The only problem was that it did not really fall under the "cheap" category... OTL

There is another, explicitly German, restaurant that Friend Kay and I want to check out at a later date. There is a very... um... boisterous image of the inside of the place on their website that looks absolutely hilarious (but I know I'll love). XD I will need to look up the different foods though... I know so little about European food if it's not Italian. >.>;

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[personal profile] kaki 2009-06-19 01:45 pm (UTC)(link)
Oh, spätzle ... That's funny, I had no idea they could come in such a shape, too, I only knew the more long-ish ones. Still prefer spaghetti, though. :/ Or potates, omnomnom. Potatoes, fried potatoes, mashed potatoes, potato soup, potato salad, ... I think there is even some kind of potato cake, but I've never tried that. It sounds a bit scary.