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[Scanlation] Aimai na Kyoukaisen (Doujinshi)

My first Hetalia doujinshi translation/scanlation~! I'm quite excited!

Title:  あいまいな境界線, Aimai na Kyoukaisen, Ambiguous Borderlines
Circle: 隔離場 Kakuriba
Doujinka: ユキナ Yukina
Pages: 30
Focus: Russia, Russia + Belarus, Russia + China.
Warnings: None.

Scanned by: Kiwifruiti
Translated and QC'ed by: Howlet
Proofread and Edited by: kylara

This release has been brought to you by Kamibana.

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Please do not redistribute this doujinshi outside the Hetalia community, use these images for icons/graphics/ect, or remove the credits page! Instead of direct linking to the downloads, please link to the Aimai na Kyoukaisen page on the Kamibana website.

A couple of sample pages:


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<3 !
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What a cute doujin! Thank you for sharing!

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Thank you for this! :)
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Thank you so much!♥