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Your mission...

May 7th, 2009 (09:28 pm)

...destroy the world!

Pandemic II

It's a game where you are a virus, bacteria, or parasite (your pick) and you try to kill the world's population. Swine or avian flu, anyone? Your virus, bacteria, or parasite starts in a randomly picked country.

My best so far was managing to wipe out the entire Old World (Minus Madagascar... damn you, Madagascar!) and the USA (Nuu!) with a virus named Nancy. XD I only got that far because it started in Russia who has borders with a ton of other countries. I only lost cause everyone died before it could spread anymore. Canada was really quick to close its borders and Mexico followed suit. ); It's entertaining and depressing at the same time as countries try to save everyone by passing out water bottles and masks. ;o; Too bad I play to win...

Play it and tell me how it goes~! XD

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