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It might be a good idea to start using those power drinks right about now

May 1st, 2009 (01:24 am)

Open beta! Yay! Let the games begin!
And I am not a special snowflake for having an account anymore...!
I'm kind of sad because that means I lost my access to all the icons I meticulously uploaded. Guess that means I'll have to pay for an account since I love icons. That is such a feeble reason but I'm a simple person. XD

In other news, it's 1:30 in the morning, my paper is only about half done, and it's due before noon... I'm screwed!! I'm usually really good at pumping out essays but this one doesn't want to be written, I guess. Not that the topic isn't interesting: ways social identities and social hierarchies changed between the decades of Spanish, Mexican, and U.S. rules in California due to the issues of sexuality, race, and gender. Basically the Spanish subdued the Indians by using missions, then Mexican CA was a bit crazy and promiscuous with strict social hierarchies, and then U.S. CA began its life with the Gold Rush (with drastic male to female ratios) and later attempts to whitewash everything. Yeah, good times... Haha.

It's weird to say I miss my Senior level history classes. One was on Monarchies and the other being the Vietnam War. I wrote my Monarchies paper, which was about 4,500 words (~16 pages) with at least 8 sources (full length research texts!), in about 2 nights and got an A. The entire quarter was dedicated to that single paper! The topic I picked revolved around the King/Queen and his particular adviser: Queen Elizabeth and Lord Burghley of England in the 16th century, King Wilhelm I and Otto von Bismarck of Prussia during pre- to post- German unification, Kaiser Wilhelm II and Otto von Bismarck vs. Prince Eulenburg of Germany pre WWI, and Emperor Hirohito and Honjo Shigeru of Japan in WW2. Yeah, it was crazy, but a lot more relevant to my interests!

And just to slip it in, I wrote that paper just so I could write about Prussia cause Prussia = Awesome and I never had an excuse before to research it... And this was BEFORE I even heard of Hetalia. XD Kind of funny how that worked out, but that's what won me over to Hetalia: Prussia was not only included but he was awesome! And then everything just fell into place.

Papers are long but Prussia makes them awesome.

Warning! We've hit 1:55am... better stop procrastinating or I'll never go to sleep!